At this time Vista Complete Care is unable to prescribe any prescriptions to patients who are brand new to our office.  Patients are encouraged to schedule an appointment for a new patient consult where our staff will obtain a detailed history and request pertinent medical records.  If you are a new patient, requesting an evaluation for pain management, please make sure you are continuing your treatment with your current physician, as we do not prescribe any medications to new pain management patients.  

Our Clinician team specializes in Family Practice, Family Medicine, and offers Urgent Care.  Pain Management is often outside of the scope of what we provide at our facility.  Pain Management specialists are being flooded with patients and in an effort to combine the best quality care with timely access to care, our office does work with patients to manage their pain medications when needed.  Patients who receive pain medications at our office must adhere to our strict pain management protocols and sign a controlled substance agreement.  This typically entails monthly or quarterly visits and urine drug screens, as well as prescription monitoring and medication review.  

Pain Management