About Us

Vista Complete Care was established to create the simplest and most convenient way for health care consumers to integrate primary care and urgent care into a complete health experience. 

The separation of urgent care and primary care disconnects many patients from their physicians. It is our goal to create a healthy relationship between the patient and physician to support a healthier you! 

Quick, comfortable and quality access to healthcare is key! 

We also provide OnSite X-ray (at our Auburn location), Pharmacy, & Laboratory!

We promote self reliance and access to your healthcare through state of the art technology and board certified specialists. We look forward to becoming complete healthcare specialists for you and your family!

Our office is in a beautiful setting overlooking the valley between Auburn and Cool, California.  The view is breathtaking and we are lucky to have such a great location to practice medicine.  

The team at Vista Complete Care is collaborative and dynamic.  We pride ourselves on maintaining strong working relationships with one another.  Positivity radiates through the office welcoming patient's and creating a culture of teamwork.

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