Copayments are due at the time of service.  Vista Complete Care does not bill for copayments.  

Deductible or coinsurance amounts owed by patients are due upon receipt of a statement from Vista Complete Care.  As a courtesy, our office will send 3 statements (one every 30 days days).  If a patient has any questions about their fees or billing, they are welcome to contact our office or their insurance company.  

An insurance not paying on a claim versus denying a claim are two very different subjects. If an insurance denies a claim the entire balance is placed on the patient.  When an insurance covers a claim, but does not make payment because the amount is applied toward a deductible, this is still a covered claim.  In both situations, the patient is responsible for charges, but covered claims are usually adjusted to a lower contracted rate. 

Common reasons an insurance will deny a claim include:

"Patient not found" - sometimes insurances can have incorrect demographic information in their system, like the wrong year of birth, which causes the claim to be denied inaccurately.  In these circumstances, the patient will need to contact the insurance to verify their information.  Once corrected, the claim can be reprocessed by the insurance.

"Additional Information Required" - when a trauma or injury is diagnosed, the insurance may need information from the patient, so they can determine they are the correct insurance to make payment (versus car insurance for a motor vehicle accident or worker's compensation insurance for a work-related injury).  In these circumstances, the insurance will deny the claim until they receive the information they require from the patient. 

It is the patients responsibility to know and understand their health care coverage and insurance plan benefits.  Some plans have no-cost options for preventative services, while other plans may not cover any preventative services whatsoever.  Each plan is different.  Topics that tend to have specialized or excluded coverage include preventive health, fertility, administrative (school physical or driver's clearance exam), and mental or behavioral health.  

We are NOT a Medi-Cal Provider

If you have questions on a bill you received, please contact our office at (530)885-3951 and follow the prompts to reach out billing department. 


Vista Complete care will charge appropriate fees for the following administrative subjects:

- No-Show fees

- Medical Record copying/printing fees

- Form Completion fees

- Medical Letter fees

- Disability, EDD or FMLA Form fees

- Bounced Check fees

If you have questions about fees or costs of any administrative fees (including those listed above), please contact our office for more information at (530)885-3951. 

Cash Pay Patients and Discounts

Patients without insurance or patients who wish to pay out of pocket are referred to as Cash Pay Patients.  All forms of payment are accepted from cash pay patients including credit cards, checks and/or cash.  We offer a cash slide, also known as a discount, to cash paying patients.  In order to receive this discount, cash pay patients must pay at the time of service. 


New patient visits start at $160 and Established patient visits start at $135.

New patients include patients who have never been seen at our practice as well as patient's who have not been seen in 3+ years.  Example:  if a patient was seen January 23rd, 2014 then did not return to the office until January 30th, 2017 - that would be a new patient visit.  

*Ancillary services and procedures done during the visit are extra charges in addition to the visit fee and are also due at the time of service in order to receive the cash discount.  Examples of ancillary services include skin procedures, urine testing(s), laboratory tests (i.e. strep test), immunizations or injections, x-rays, and more.  If you have a question about pricing, please call our office.  

Billing and Fees

Online Payments

You can pay a bill and submit billing questions online through our patient portal, but following this link