DMV and DOT Physicals

Physicians and Practitioners that provider DMV/DOT physical clearances are regulated by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  As of 2016 the DMV only accepts driver clearances from certified providers.  The certification process includes online training, in-person training, and testing.  

We have 2 clinicians in our office that complete DMV/DOT examinations:  

- Daniel Sewell MD, and Trisha Smith FNP-C, are certified Medical Examiners for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

DMV/DOT Driver's Physicals are intended for those requiring Class B licenses, often for Commercial Truck Driver's, Bus Driver's or Heavy Equipment Operators.  

Class A Physical's required for certain Special Vehicles or Racecar Driving are similar, but different. 

Patients who have had their license suspended or revoked due to a medical condition such as seizures, neurological impairment, diabetes, or dementia that are needing a driver's clearance in order to re-gain their license must contact our office in advance.  Most of the time, these exams are not completed in our office, and usually require the expertise of a specialist who is more familiar with the medical condition(s) affecting a persons ability to operate a vehicle. 

DMV, DOT and Driver's physicals start at $180.