Vista Complete Care serves patients in the community, but also offers services to local businesses.  We contract with employers to perform Occupational Health or Industrial Programs such as pre-employment screenings, drug testing, TB testing and more.  We work with employers to customize programs for them, to reach their needs, while continuing to serve patients in the community and our rates are very competitive.  As an employer in the community, we understand that efficiency is of the utmost importance, therefore we provide convenient hours for your staff and employees as well as speedy turn around times on screenings and paperwork.  If you would like to inquire about setting up an industrial or corporate account with our practice, please contact us at (530)885-3951.

If you are a patient who has been referred to us by your employer, please contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment at (530) 885-3951. 

Occupational Health

Worker's Compensation

Vista Complete Care is a fully equipped Urgent Care and provides First Aide to injured workers for lacerations, burns, and other minor traumas or injuries.  First Aide ailments are described in more depth by the California Labor Code.  Employer's are welcome to contact our office at (530)885-3951 for more information on this subject and to set up an account with our office to treat your employees for First Aide. 

Our office accepts Worker's Compensation Claims on a case-by case basis.  

New Work Comp Claims:  If you are a patient with a new worker's compensation injury, please contact your employer for information on filing a claim.  New claims are considered truly new only if the injured worker has not previously sought medical care by another physician.  The only exception to this, is the emergency room.  We will treat patients for work related claims following an emergency room visit, only after their case has been accepted with our practice.  Again, worker's compensation claims are accepted at Vista Complete Care on a case-by-case basis.  If you have a new injury, and you have already contacted your employer to file a claim, and you would like to be treated at Vista Complete Care - please contact our Work Comp Department at (530)885-3951 ext. 112.

Existing Work Comp Claims: If you have an existing work comp claim and you would like to transfer your care to Dr. Sewell or one of the Clinicians at Vista Complete Care, please call our office to speak with out Work Comp Coordinator about the review process:  (530) 885-3951 ext. 112.  Typically, medical records are reviewed by our clinician team prior to taking on any existing work comp claims.  Once your case is reviewed and accepted, our office will contact your adjuster and or attorney to notify them of the change n your treating physician.  Once we receive written confirmation that you treating physician has been changed to Vista Complete Care, we will schedule an appointment.  Due to the nature of Work Comp complexities and payment process, we are not able to examine patients for work related injuries until after we have received written authorization to do so.